HOMA Furnace Components

Electrode Conducting Arms
Homa Electrode Conducting ArmsHOMA offers the following types of electrode arms:

  • Produced with copper/steel-cladded sheets
  • Produced with aluminium sheets and/or profiles
  • Produced and performed with steel body and copper tubes for current supply

HOMA offers:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing / Testing
  • Supervision of installation or complete installation on demand

High Current Lines Transformer House – Delta closures
Homa High Current Lines Transformer HouseHigh current lines transformer house (secondary systems) are the connection between the transformer and the high current cables.
HOMA offers the following types of high current conductors:

  • water-cooled copper pipes
  • water-cooled copper bars

HOMA’s service includes:

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing / Testing
  • Complete assembly after finishing the production at the workshop for all technical tests before shipping
  • Supervision of installation or complete assembly of the high current system at the steel plant.