Rivolta in plastic industry

K.S.P. 305

The waxy, colourless, fully synthetic and free of silicone corrosion protection spray.
K.S.P. 312

The rapid efficent temporary long-term- corrosion protection in aerosols.


The special cleaning product can be used for the cleaning of moulds and tools on injection moulding machines, leafs-, blow-, spin- and extrusion equipment.
A.C.S. 3

The multipurpose rapid cleaning spray for metallic surfaces.
It has an extremely effective rapid evaporating effect towards oily, greasy and resinous dirt from soilings.

S.L.X. Rapid

Cleaning of electrical and electronic components, such as e.g. conductor plates, potentiometers, electrical switch gears, equipment, electrical dressings and machines.
M.T.X. 60 forte

The intensive cleaner with special cleaning intensifiers with fast evaporation.

The universal biodegradable active foam for cleaning and degreasing of water-resistant surfaces from slightly oily and greasy contaminations, soot and dust, nicotine, fingerprints and many more.
B.W.R. 210

The multi-purpose cleaning concentrate with high cleaning power. For removing and cleaning of soilings on different surfaces.
S.K.D. 4002

High temperature, high-performance grease.
S.K.D. 170

The universal adhesive chain lubricant and external lubricant for ropes.
S.K.D. 3602

The free of solids lubricant for an application in roller- and plain bearings in high-pressure loaded systems.

The metal-based assembly paste for a separating of metallic rubbing partners
especially by thermal high incriminated connections.

The multifunctional silicone spray for the food industr and plastic.