Lubricants & Greases


The metal-based assembly paste for a separating of metallic rubbing partners
especially by thermal high incriminated connections.

The multifunctional silicone spray for the food industr.
S.K.D. 16

The inside bearing lubricant for switch locks, steering chains and hinges on separators and circuit breakers.

S.K.D. 170

The universal adhesive chain lubricant and external lubricant for ropes.
S.K.D. 240

The high temperature chain oil for the application in hot areas.
S.K.D. 2000

The high-performance adhesive lubricant for the external lubrication and conservation of chains and ropes.
S.K.D. 3000

The extremely adhesive lubricant for chains and ropes in the outer section for extreme requirements.
S.K.D. 3602

The free of solids lubricant for an application in roller- and plain bearings in high-pressure loaded systems.
S.K.D. 4002

High temperature, high-performance grease.
S.K.M. 17

The high biodegradable, eco-friendly high-performance cycle oil for a lubrication of chains, hydraulics and gears.

T.R.S. Plus

The fully synthetic multifunctional creep- and fine oil for resolving and making usual of stucked mechanical parts.