General cleaners

A.C.S. 3

The multipurpose rapid cleaning spray for metallic surfaces.
It has an extremely effective rapid evaporating effect towards oily, greasy and resinous dirt from soilings.

The universal biodegradable active foam for cleaning and degreasing of water-resistant surfaces from slightly oily and greasy contaminations, soot and dust, nicotine, fingerprints and many more.
B.W.R. 210

The multi-purpose cleaning concentrate with high cleaning power. For removing and cleaning of soilings on different surfaces.
M.T.X. 60 forte

The intensive cleaner with special cleaning intensifiers with fast evaporation.

The special cleaning product can be used for the cleaning of moulds and tools on injection moulding machines, leafs-, blow-, spin- and extrusion equipment.

The multifunctional silicone spray for the food industr.

The effective cleaner for electrical- and diesel- engines, heat changer, oil coldness, chains and cogs.
T.R.S. Plus

The fully synthetic multifunctional creep- and fine oil for resolving and making usual of stucked mechanical parts.


The excellent preventive protection for all electrical and electronical components.