Electrical cleaners

S.L.X. 500
The high quality safety cleaner for cleaning of electrical equipment and instruments energized working such as e.g. electrical switch cabinets, allocations, conductor lines, load breaks and disconnecting switches, impulse switches etc.
S.L.X. 1000

The cleaner for difficult cleaning jobs in electronics and mechanics. For a cleaning of high sensitive electrical facilities, applications and devices while current carrying.

S.L.X. Top

The high- performance electro- cleaner.
S.L.X. Rapid

Cleaning of electrical and electronic components, such as e.g. conductor plates, potentiometers, electrical switch gears, equipment, electrical dressings and machines.

The special product for a safe removing of oxide and sulphide layers or oil that became resin, grease residues and metal abrasions on all electrical contacts.