Draw-out type switchgear system for indoor installation, type-tested, factory-assembled, air-insulated, metal-enclosed with an eightfold compartment, double busbar system.

Optional: motor operated withdrawable units, circuit breaker/disconnector and earthing switches.

For the conduction of hot gases that result from arc faults, the switchgear system is equipped with internal pressure release ducts. Optional: conduction out of the control room or a release in the control room with an accumulative absorber.

Technical Data


Rated values up to
rated voltage 12 kV
rated power-frequency withstand voltage 28 kV
rated lightning impulse withstand voltage 75 kV
rated busbar current 4.000 A
rated short-time withstand current 50 kA
rated peak withstand current 125/130 kA
rated short-circuit duration 3 s
internal arc fault test 1s IAC AFLR 50 kA


cubicle width 1.000 800
cubicle depth* 2.000 2.000
cubicle height 3.350 3.300
rated branch current: 4.000 1.250


* plus 77mm for doors
Further values upon request