NATUS low voltage switchgear systems: ENERGON is setting innovative standards

We are making the distribution of power in low voltage networks even safer with our own developed, design-tested and type-tested (TTA) switchgear system ENERGON. ENERGON switchgears offer utmost personal and operational safety. With the patented contact mechanism DTS we very quickly set the standard on the market for MCC-systems. Since then, we have regularly enhanced the system with the help and advice of our customers. A globally unique ergonomic latch, the one-handed safety latch CONTINUOUS LATCH, the door closes “arc safe” without the use of tools.

Since 2004, the certified arc fault distribution busbar ARC SAFE has been built into the systems as a standard. Numerous innovations and constant further developments speak for a reliable and geared to the future switchgear.


Draw-out type switchgear system with high-rated currents and short-circuit currents for safe power distribution in industrial plants, power plants, cogeneration plants, refineries, chemical works, water management, cement industry, glass production, etc.

NATUS advantages for you

Switchgear systems: factory-assembled, type-tested, arc fault tested, utmost personal safety, high operating safety, flexible application, cost-effective technology, bus-compatible for direct integration of control systems.

We provide our customers with experienced engineering teams. That is how we warrant an optimal design and the shortest possible delivery time.